Crowd with Masks
We are OPEN for window service at the shop and delivery through Uber Eats or Door Dash (we recommend DD as it is faster/better). We will reopen for dine in when we feel its appropriate to do so - hopefully by September!

Mon-Fri 9-5
Sat/Sun 9-6

*Closed ALL Statutory Holidays*

The best way to stay updated is to follow us along on Instragram!

Note for Door Dash & Uber orders: we do not always put baked goods on because we lose 30% of the sale which makes it hard to justify as a small business. We do try to make our customers happy by placing them on Uber/Door Dash most days for part of the day. Please understand that making the full 100% off of our hard work is most beneficial for us being a small business. 

At the window we are accepting cards + cash. Preferably, we like to be as contactless as possible (cards are best). We sanitize our POS screen in between every single customer. E gift cards are welcomed.

Reminder: Please wear a mask and stay 6.5ft away from other customers around the service window, in line, as well as the person serving you at the cash. We have a sneeze guard to protect our staff so please speak up but not under the guard. 

Want to further support Fern?
*Buy some Fern merch! We have snap backs and totes!

*Purchase an E-Gift Card to use in the future or for a friend!
*Purchase a physical Gift Card (when available) for a pal!
*We greatly benefit from good reviews on Google! It is always appreciated!
*You can post about your favourite vegan cafe on social media to get the word out that we are indeed open!
Window Service at Fern Cafe Bakery
Physical Distancing at Fern Cafe Bakery