At this current time we are OPEN for window service at the shop and delivery through Uber Eats (takes 30% of our sale), or Door Dash (only takes 20%). The best way to stay updated is to follow us along on Instragram.
We are open normal hours for now. Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat/Sun 9-6. This may change from time to time depending on how each day goes, we will close an hour or so early if we sell out or we don't have any customers coming near the end of the day. *Occasionally* we may close on a Monday because a human can only work so many 14+ hours a day in a row - thanks for understanding!! Again, please stay up-to-date on IG.
Note for Door Dash & Uber orders: we do not always put baked goods on because we lose 20-30% of the sale which makes it hard to justify. We do try to make our customers happy by placing them on Uber/Door Dash most days for part of the day. Please understand us making the full 100% off our hard work is most beneficial for us being a small business. 
At the window we are only accepting cards that will TAP for payment. No cash. No pins. No physical gift cards. You can purchase an E-gift card and use the 16 digit code at the window for payment too!
Reminder: Please stay a good distance away from other customers around the service window as well as the person serving you at the cash. We have a sneeze guard to protect our staff so please speak up but not under the guard. 
If you would like to further support us in this unpredictable time you could always;
*Purchase an E-Card to use in the future.
*You can post about us on social media to get the word out that we are indeed open!

1 - 1115 North Park St.


MON-FRI 9-5 (or until sold out)

SAT/SUN 9-6 (or until sold out)