Fern Cafe and Bakery

Fern is local, vegan, cafe and bakery in downtown Victoria, British Columbia. It is also the only 100% vegan bakery and cafe!

Offering a vast variety of specialty bakery items, a cafe menu, speciality coffee beverages, and fun lattes. Focusing on creativity, the current season, and local ingredients. On the weekend's Fern will have a featured brunch item. Fern is owner-operated by a couple that had a dream and wanted to share it with the world.

With backgrounds in the restaurant industry and passion for real and good quality ingredients, they make all items in-house and from scratch. They have a drive for creativity, and the desire to share with locals and travellers just how great plant based food is, without any compromise to taste. 

Owners, Tamara and Braden Parks, come from a small town in Ontario, but have been living on Vancouver Island as of 2016. In their spare time, they enjoy foraging for wild plants, berries, and mushrooms in the Fern covered forests - all of which they plan to incorporate into their menu items and baked goods from time to time.



In our bakery we will be shaking things up and introducing fun new products often. Expect to be thrown back in time with some childhood classics, or be able to spot some of your old favourites you haven't had in years.

We also do catering and special ordering, give us a call at the shop today to inquire!


In the Cafe we will change things up to not only keep things interesting but to best suit the season and availability. We open nice and early everyday (8) and the full menu runs until we close (6).  Check our Instagram for daily updates!

1 - 1115 North Park St.





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