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Everything on our menu is vegan and made in house with love and care.

This means we do not order in animal products.

Please keep in mind that we are not an allergen free establishment and our ingredients still *may contain* common allergies such as: nuts, soy, gluten, dairy, sesame and other common allergies.

This is because other facilities may use common allergies in their production, even if it is not in the product and this is out of our hands!

We use canola oil for deep frying and our frier comes in contact with gluten daily.

Since our kitchen does come in contact with gluten and other allergens, we cannot 100% guarantee that no cross-contamination will occur.

For example; even items that can be altered to be "gluten free" may contain gluten.

Our focus is making vegan food taste delicious, and letting you know our ingredients/products may contain common allergies is important to us!

We do not recommend any of our products to someone with severe allergies due to the message above.

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